Mandarin Chinese 101

7 Apr 2014 by MichaelZhang, No Comments »
These Chinese words and expressions won’t get you anywhere in China. But, if you are in the tourism industry and you want to impress your Chinese customers, they can be fun to learn and use. Great ice-breaker! 
I tried to use English spelling for words to imitate the pronunciation. So just go ahead and pronounce them as you would for English words. You will be understood! Enjoy!
Hello!                                           Nee how
Thank you!                                 Sheah sheah  (eah like in yeah)
You are welcome!                    Boo ke chee
Bye!                                              Zy gen
Sorry!                                         Dway boo chee
A little!                                       Yee di-an di-an
It tastes good!                            How chee

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