First things first

7 Apr 2014 by MichaelZhang, No Comments »

I have been asked by many tourism marketing professionals on selecting the right Chinese media for communicating with the Chinese nationals. And as an honest friend and media insider, I have been giving candid answers to them.

BUT, the first question, before ALL other questions, should really be: Do we understand who we are trying to talk to?

Let’s first follow this story I’m telling you now.

A young man goes to the same university with this attractive girl for quite some time. And he’s been thinking of asking the girl out lately. They’ve already spent some time together, though not prearranged in  any way. He thinks he should buy the girl a present, just to show how much he likes her. And he also thinks that he should prepare on a piece of paper a speech, a proposal, an idea, which she won’t say “no” to. He would put the paper in the present and try to win her heart. Let’s presume the boy spent quite some money to buy the gift and quite some time to write the speech and to find the place where he wanted to take her to. Will he be SUCCESSFUL?

Maybe. Maybe not.

The question again is: Does he understand her? Or, Does he know what she’s like and what she likes?

In the scenario of the tourism industry, the boy is a destination (in geographic or commercial definition), the girl is the Chinese demographic, the present is your products and services, the paper with the speech is the media campaign and the money for the present is your marketing budget.

Now, will you ask the same question again? The question about the media? Yes, of course. But will you ask that question first? NO.

First things first, get to understand the Chinese demographic, what they are like and what they like. Even when you have to spend quite some money on purchasing the effective media, with that understanding, you can be sure your money is well spent. Otherwise, you are only shooting in the dark and seeing if there are any Chinese down.

That’s my advice for you today. First things first.


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