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I AM DRIVING on the one-way street in Tobermory’s business district to the cottage I will be staying in for the next couple of days. Grocery and dinner on the passenger seat, I am sort of in a hurry. All of a sudden, a bright but soft beam of sunlight pokes through the car window and pours onto my face. Out of instinct, I turn my head left and see a stunningly beautiful sunset. A mixed hue of blue, red and purple is the backdrop. Against it is a golden sun like an egg yolk with some steam radiating out of it. Under, or rather diagonally under the sun is the sparkling water of the Big Tub Harbour with MS Chi Cheemaun just no more than a couple of hundred feet away in front of me. A little sail boat is anchored in the middle of the little bay like a white buoy, white triangular sail pointing to the glowing clouds in the sky.

I was invited to Tobermory by Bruce County Tourism to do workshops for local businesses to share with them my knowkedge and experience in attracting and getting ready for the Chinese tourists. Going in Tobermory as a tourist with some work to do, I didn’t expect to see such a beautiful sunset on the first night at the tip of Bruce Peninsula. What a lovely surprise!  And the following day in Tobermory presented me with a similar gift again. This time, I was prepared. Camera ready, I was almost waiting for it to come. And it didn’t fail me at all. Once again, a big, round, golden sun set some good mood for my burger and wine dinner.

On the third day of my Bruce County workshop trip, I moved from Tobermory to where the third workshop would take place, Southampton, Ontario. This little town on the east coast of Lake Huron has only several thousand residents. And those are the lucky thousands. If you have been to Southampton, you will know there’s a HUGE Canadian flag flying at the end of the main street, by the lake, over a pretty strip of sandy beach. Again, on my way back from picking up some food from a local Chinese restraunt, I saw the sun start falling on the horizon. The bottom of this golden, reddish colored plate was already touch the vague divide line between the sky and the water. So again, I stopped at the end of a little side street by the beach, car idling twenty feet behind me and snapped a few shots with my iPhone before it was too late. And that proved to be a right decision, since when the sun sets, it sets so quickly. Before I could make a U-turn, the sun was already half  way down, leaving the stage to the clouds, which looked like some burning cotton rolling on a vast land. Southampton is not quite a tourist town. Locals even told me that this cottage town is resided by many lawyers and doctors and alike as their summer home and there are not many parking spaces there by the lake because they are trying to keep the beach and the sunset as “private” as possible. And I can see why.

Next time I am going to the East coast of Lake Huron, I will know what to expect, at least to some degree. I may even want to go there just for that. Huron sunset, isn’t that a perfect reason for a weekend journey to the west? (Question: Do Chinese tourists from the GTA know about these towns and parks? Are they well informed of what the can expect for a weekend getaway to the east coast of Lake Huron?)

Below is a list of the beatiful Ontario towns and parks on the east  coast of Lake Huron that one can enjoy historic towns, nature, some old-school hospitality and beautiful sunset.



Port Elgin

McGregor Point Provincial Park

Inverhuron Provincial Park




Grand Bend

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