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Last week, I took a TV crew from Guangdong Prov. of China to Niagara Falls and Toronto for filming, an assignment by Tourism Toronto. Fun trip as usually. I guess it’s the same nationality that created a natural bond between me and the visiting Chinese media. It was a fun trip, as always.

As much as it’s natural and smooth, I found one thing that had never been pointed out or noticed during previous many media Fam tours. The Guangdong people, from the south-most province in Mainland China (except for Hainan Island, which is off mainland China), didn’t seem to enjoy our Icewine very much.

The problem?  ”Too sweet!”

Guangdong, a Cantonese-speaking province that is adjacent to Hong Kong, is famous for it’s special cuisine called “粤菜” (Yuet Cuisine = Guangdong Dishes). Defined by a lighter taste and a prominent usage of seafood, it is the most popular and most well-known Chinese food around the world. And that lighter taste is the reason why the TV crew didn’t like Icewine. Unlike Chinese from Shanghai and Zhejiang (whose enjoys sweetness) or those from Szechuan (who are famous for their spicy food), Guangdong visitors will NOT be huge fans of Icewine.

As destination marketing organizations or local businesses related to Icewine promotion and production, it’s a new subject to subtly identify the coming media and visitors to direct them to the perfect products and services.


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