6 Steps to Successful Tourism Marketing in Chinese Market

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The 6-step process in pursuing the Chinese tourist market: 1, Self-examination and evaluation; 2, Matching with the right target/segment; 3, Getting product/service ready (programming and packaging); 4, Getting language ready (in Simplified Chinese); 5, Choosing the right media; 6, Getting content ready for day-to-day communication.

These six steps are the fundamentals for a solid Chinese market strategy. Lacking any one of them may result in wasted marketing budget or, even worse, misunderstanding and falsely created image. But first and foremost, before all these steps can be taken, one should understand the Chinese market, both overseas and domestic markets.  That includes understanding who they are, what their current perspectives are, what they are expecting, what can be done to better match their behaviours as an ethnic group and as consumers, etc.

Your marketing budget will be much better spent in exploring the Chinese market when the preparation is properly done and your case study is completed.

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