The Canoe Movie – Featuring Michael Zhang

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Canadians have a long history of using canoes as a means of exploring this great nation.

Well, maybe I should rephrase. Canadians built this county in canoes.

I am very proud to be part of the wonderful documentary film made by Goh Iramoto, in partnership with Ontario Tourism. In this film, I tell my story of the love affair between me and this vessel that carries Canada forward, that makes this great country the way she is and that serves as a bridge between the old-timers and new-comers of this land of water. It is in canoes where I have found my Canadian identity.

If you haven’t seen this film. Don’t worry. Here it is for you.


I will be doing two presentations about the canoe culture and how canoe helped me find my Canadian identity at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show Friday afternoon (Feb 24). Hope to see you there.


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