Speaking to Your Audience in Their Language

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I recently had an interview in Toronto at Omni TV’s “Focus Mandarin” with its Anchor Mr. Wei Lee. It was to promote the winter attractions of York Durham Headwaters.

I should applaud Central Counties (York Durham Headwaters) for the pro-activeness in reaching out to the Mandarin-speaking community. But what deservesĀ a bigger round of applause is that it’s speaking with the audience in their language.

A fun yet informative interview can not only introduce products to the consumers, but also address concerns there may be. And all is done using the language that can carry the most accurate information. Well done!

I would encourage all destinations who want to communicate with the Chinese nationals to do the same. And that is not limited to an interview. It can be video series. It can be print materials. It can be signage that will facilitate better visits.

Please feel free to contact to further this topic and connect to the right channel. I’m always here to help.

Below is the link to this interview.



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