7 Apr

Mandarin Chinese 101

These Chinese words and expressions won’t get you anywhere in China. But, if you are in the tourism industry and you want to impress your Chinese customers, they can be fun to learn and use. Great ice-breaker! 
I tried to use English spelling for words to imitate the pronunciation. So just go ahead and pronounce them as you would for English words. You will be understood! Enjoy!
Hello!                                           Nee how
Thank you!                                 Sheah sheah  (eah like in yeah)
You are welcome!                    Boo ke chee
Bye!                                              Zy gen
Sorry!                                         Dway boo chee
A little!                                       Yee di-an di-an
It tastes good!                            How chee
7 Apr

A Brief Recap of Year 2013

2013 was a very successful year for both MCC and its clients. Throughout the year, many clients have gained insights in the multicultural tourism market by attending/organizing MCC’s famous Multicultural Tourism Awareness and Market Readiness workshops. In January, Muskoka region started the year with a workshop in the all new visitor center of the Bethune Memorial House in Gravenhurst. And Bruce County continued its long tradition of being a pioneer and concluded the workshop season in October. The participating/organizing destinations all benefited from learning new things at the workshops and moving one step closer to a favourite  destination for travelers from multicultural background.

2013 has also seen many clients paying even more attention on getting top notch translation for their marketing literature from the best Chinese translator. MCC provided Chinese translation service for not only the long time clients such as Ontario Tourism, but also new businesses like Hornblower Niagara Cruises. MCC is delighted to see that more and more clients are more careful in selecting a trustworthy translation service vendor that can help them in exploring the demographic market.

MCC’s chief consultant Michael Zhang once again provided premium quality media escort service to government clients including Ontario Tourism and Tourism Toronto, assisting them taking the most out of their  media guests from China. The success of a media trip greatly relies on how much information the media are provided with and how accurate the information is. By contracting MCC, the clients can have the peace of mind that their media guests will be shown with only the best possible sides of the trip and go back to China with the best memories.

One interesting project that MCC was contracted to do in 2013 is the translation of a documentary narration. The feature documentary is about a Chinese pop star named Wanting Qu, who was born and raised in China, but claimed a successful music career based in Vancouver. The rather poetic narration was translated by Michael Zhang and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Chinese audience and partners. It once again proved the high quality of translation work by MCC.

2013 is a great year to remember and 2014 will surely be a successful one with all the support from MCC’s wonderful clients. From Milton, Ont, thank you!

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